First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Zita Ajtonyi and I make collars, leashes and other accessories for dogs.

I live with Bruno, the yellow labrador, he inspired me to get back to my profession (leatherworker) about 30 years ago, so it all started. It’s also like cycling, you can’t forget. In the beginning of 2021 Baloo the black labrador joind our family, so I can show my product in two different colour schemes on the pictures.

Since Bruno is a large dog, my specialties have become larger sizes, but I also make my products for smaller doggos based on individual orders.

Then, as the heat caught on, I made a shopping bag, for example, that you can take with you and not have to buy plastic bags in stores. In this bag, you can even carry a small sized dog or your little friend’s toys on a trip.

I procure the base materials exclusively from Hungarian manufacturers and distributors, the ropes and straps have high tensile strength and meet high quality requirements.

I’m also present on Facebook and Instagram, if you think follow them.

I wish you a good search, feel free to search if you like anything.

Best regards,